The Puffing Gun is a reliable performer with an excellent ROI

There are two reasons that make the Puffing Gun a good investment. It is hard to find an alternative with the same performance/price ratio. And when it comes to reliability, other machines in the higher price range do not perform significantly better.

Good price/productivity ratio

This Puffing Gun is a good performer, producing an output up to 1.100 pounds or 500 kg/hour. The output is also the right choice in terms of quality.

Proven reliability and durability

Continued production is a priority for your business. It is an Incomec tradition to develop machine concepts that meet this need. Original Incomec technology is your best guarantee for minimal downtime.

Capacity in line with market demand

The volumes mentioned above are much larger than manual market alternatives. They perfectly respond to the volumes most manufacturers produce in practice.

Continued production

The maintenance cost of a machine should also be considered when comparing alternatives. The Puffing Gun is designed to minimize maintenance time and reduce cost of ownership.

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