Our services

Installation, start-up & training

At Incomec we offer an extensive 'ready to start' service after your equipment has arrived at your production facility. We always offer complete installation, start-up and training days. This is your best guarantee that the line will be operational immediately after delivery. Why do we do this? Not just to sell machines, we take care of them to ensure they provide what you had in mind when choosing Incomec. Rely on our specific knowledge to help you reach your production objectives.

After sales (Support, Spare Parts & Intervention)

The strength of the equipment is in its reliability. To guarantee the highest output and minimize downtime, Incomec has developed an extended after sales service. Rapid response is in our DNA and solving problems is our second nature. We offer support by telephone or mail, and plan interventions if needed. A warehouse with a stock of original spare parts is the backbone of our service guarantee.

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Incomec equipment is built to last. Therefore, we offer revision options for your machines and die sets. We can carry out smaller revisions at your production facility, for larger revisions it is possible to send us machines or parts for revision.

Additional training on our equipment

Having good equipment is one thing but knowing how to get the best results out of it is just as important. We are happy to provide additional training for your machine operators. We can organize this either at Incomec or in your factory. We can also assist you in setting the appropriate parameters to produce certain products. At Incomec we know all the ins and outs of our technology. We know how to adjust the appropriate machine settings to maximize your output and to produce the snack of your choice.

Challenge us for your next healthy snacking concept