Why the Pellex C+ is the standard for producing popped chips

Popped chips producers all over the globe trust in the Pellex C+. More than 3.000 Incomec processors operate on a daily basis, making Pellex C+ the preferred equipment in the industry. Why do they choose Pellex C+?

Trusted technology

Incomec develops its own patented technology for the production of innovative healthy snacks. Incomec builds its equipment from scratch based on your daily practice. This original technology proves its high performance in most demanding circumstances and is liked by premium brands.

Experience within your industry

Incomec has been the partner to the food production industry with more than 30 years of experience. We know your production methods and what it takes to process cereals and other ingredients. These insights help us to come up with solutions to run your business in the most efficient way. Incomec is the value-adding partner you are looking for.

Continued production

The strength of the equipment is in its reliability. To guarantee the highest output and minimize downtime, Incomec has developed an extended after sales service with a focused team that guarantees efficient production. Rapid response is in our DNA and solving problems is our second nature. A warehouse with a stock of original spare parts for worldwide delivery is the backbone of our service guarantee.

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Die sets

There are different standard die sets available for the Pellex C+ processors, but we also offer the possibility to customize your die set on demand.

  • 28-MI / 28-RBL
  • ø 40 - 45mm
  • MI = flat - RBL = ridged profile
  • 28/cycle
21 Tr
  • 21-TR
  • Equilateral triangle side 65mm
  • Chip side 60mm
  • 21/cycle
24 Tr
  • 24-TR
  • Equilateral triangle side 60mm
  • Chip side 55mm
  • 24/cycle
36 Tr
  • 36-TR
  • Equilateral triangle side 50mm
  • Chip side 45mm
  • 36/cycle
66 Mb
  • 66-MB
  • ø 25mm
  • 66/cycle
32 Sq
  • 32-SQ
  • 35 x 35mm
  • 32/cycle
40 Bc
  • 40-BC
  • 25 x 45mm
  • 40/cycle
  • 28-HX
  • ø 45mm
  • 28/cycle

Challenge us for your next healthy snacking concept

We have in-depth knowledge of your ingredients and substantial experience in developing new snacking products. Feel free to challenge us and find out if Incomec has the solutions to create the difference for you.

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