Expanding the quality of puffed grains

The Incomec Puffing Gun is an innovative efficient system for the expansion of cereal grains and expandable semi-finished products. These 'puffing guns' are designed to process a wide range of grains like wheat, rice, corn, oats, sorghum, ... for the manufacture of ready-to-eat cereals, animal feeds, and industrial products.

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Puffed Corn

The Puffing Gun was developed to convert natural corn into a semi-finished product for further treatment. However, the puffing process also produces edible snacks. This flexibility opens perspectives for your product portfolio.

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Puffed Wheat

After processing in the Puffing Gun, natural wheat becomes either a semi-finished product or an edible snack.

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Puffed Rice

Wholegrain rice is an ingredient that lends itself to treatment in the Puffing Gun. As for the other ingredients you can produce a semi-finished product or an edible snack.

The machine

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The Puffing Gun

It is hard to find an alternative with the same performance/price ratio. And when it comes to reliability, other machines in the higher price range do not perform significantly better.

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