Enjoying quality puffed cakes

Your cakes get the best quality thanks to the Cerex processor. By means of heat and pressure we bind the natural starch in the cereals or micropellets. Result: the healthy snacks your consumers are longing for.

Chocolate Coated Cakes 2019011866569

Chocolate Coated (Mini) Cakes

Through high controllability of the process parameters the Cerex processor can flatten the cakes for chocolate or other coatings.

Rice Corn Cakes 2019011866554

Rice & Corn Cakes

The Cerex processor is a versatile processor, working with different raw materials. You feed rice, corn or a mix of both into the hopper and the Cerex processor will convert it into a healthy cake in a single operation.

Ancient Grain Cakes 2019011866551

Ancient Grain Cakes

Feed grains or a mix into the hopper and, in a single operation, the Cerex processor will convert them into a delicious, ready-to-eat cake, including different ancient grains if desired.

Flavoured Cakes 2019011866583

Flavoured cakes

It is possible to apply water or oil-based mixtures. The Incomec Spray Booth enables you to add a rich variety to your product portfolio.

Cereal Or Pellet Based Cakes 2019011866588

Cereal or pellet-based cakes

You can vary the shapes by changing the die set. Round, mini, square or bar shapes? The Incomec Cerex processor is a source of inspiration for creative formats.

The machine

Cerex Processor for puffed cakes

The Cerex processor

This true original was developed, designed and created with your daily practice in mind: producing healthy snacking concepts that respond to your needs, today and into the future.

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