Making the most out of popped chips with the Pellex C+ processor

The Pellex C+ processes all types of cereals, such as broken rice, corn grits, and different types of micropellets for a crunchy and wavy chip or crisp with or without inclusions. It is the perfect solution if you want to respond to the strong, growing trend of healthy snacking. We have the possibility to work with a wide variety of ingredients in all price ranges.

Patatio Chips

Potato Chips

The Pellex C+ processor can process all varieties of micropellets and convert these into healthy popped snacks.

Chips With Inclusions

Chips with inclusions

The Pellex C+ processor can include certain percentages of inclusions in the mix. Recent developments have shown seeds, pulses and low-starch grains can be added as inclusions.

Protein Chips

Protein Chips

The availability of high protein ingredients is growing in the market. A high protein popped chip can be produced using the Pellex C+ processor.

Non Fried Tortilla

Non-Fried Tortilla

The Pellex C+ processor is equipped to process corn grits as well. This results in a non-fried tortilla with up to 60% less fat than regular fried tortillas.

Ancient Grain Chips

Cereal-based Chips (Ancient grains)

The Pellex C+ processor can convert a wide variety of grains into a popped chip. Working just with natural grains also offers plenty of possibilities.

The machine

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The Pellex C+ processor

Popped chips producers all over the globe trust in this machine. More than 3.000 machines operate on a daily basis, which makes the Pellex C+ processor the preferred equipment in the industry.

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